Sunday, May 10, 2015

Not Out Of The Eczema Woods

This is part of a series of posts about Penny's eczema story.  To start at the beginning, go here.

We got a reminder today of how far Penny's skin has come, yet we can't forget she does still have eczema.
We traveled for a wedding this weekend, and the weather was cooler than we expected.  We didn't even pack cardigans, so hours before the wedding, we made a Target run for some tights to go with the girls' dresses.

I tried to convince Penny to wear a pair of (100% cotton, already washed) leggings we already had because I wasn't sure how her skin would handle unwashed, polyester tights.  The words "unwashed" and "polyester" look like flashing, neon signs in any eczema parent's brain.

But she wanted to wear tights like Big Sister.  After all, how can everyday leggings compete with sparkly heart tights?
For the wedding, it was fine.  That, I think, shows progress.  I don't think we've ever even attempted tights more than once or twice.

Today for the trip home, both girls wanted to wear their fancy outfits again. (Twirly skirts and fancy tights are exciting!)  Well this evening, Penny told me she was itchy.  I looked where she pointed on her leg and found several large patches of little red bumps.

We've been with Dr. Aron long enough that I'm not panicking over a flare like this now.  I know we'll apply the cream to these areas for a few days and most likely she'll be fine.

But it's definitely a reminder that her now-clear skin still needs extra care.

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